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How to Draw a Gingerbread Man

And then color and paint your gingerbread man with some yummy colors.

how to draw a gingerbread man

Really young students may need a form to trace as all his rounded lines are more difficult to draw than straight lines. Older students though may enjoy adding more detailed frosting and a shadow to the sides so he looks more dimensional.

• Multimedia or watercolor paper
• Crayons
• Liquid watercolor paint
• Cardboard cookie template (optional)
PREP: For kinders, I used cardboard templates for students to trace. I’ve found that large curvy shapes like this cookie are some of the hardest things for them to draw, so a template helped them all get off on a equal footing.
1. Students draw or trace their cookie and then add details in pencil.
2. The art is traced with a crayon, and thick bands of color are added to resemble fat lines of frosting. Encourage lots of white lines as they always brighten up the art.
3. To make a shadow, students color a black edge on one side of the cookie as shown.
4. Students use brown liquid watercolor paint and fill in the cookie, over all the crayon.
5. Lastly, the background is painted with a contrasting color.



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