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How to Draw a Pony

Learn how to draw a pony, posing in front of its barnyard home, with this easy step by step tutorial.

How to Draw a Pony
How to Draw a Pony

When most of us think of a pony, we may just picture a small horse. It’s not unusual for people to believe that a pony is simply a young horse that has not grown up yet. The right word for a baby horse would be a foal.

The truth is that ponies and horses are not two stages of development of a single animal. Even though they are related, they are quite different creatures. Ponies remain small when they’re fully grown, which is part of what makes them so irresistible for children.

This pony tutorial is similar to my Horse, but the proportions are just a bit different. The slightly larger head and bigger legs give him (or her) a childlike look that make ponies so much fun to draw.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Pony

  1. Draw a large been shape.

  2. Add a head shape above, to left.

  3. Connect the head to the body.

  4. Finish the face and ear.

  5. Add the four legs.

  6. Draw the mane over head, neck.

  7. Draw the tail, erase gray lines.

  8. Add a background.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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