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Draw the Statue of Liberty

For the student that wants to learn how to draw the Statue of Liberty with step by step directions, and some pretty realistic details.

Draw the Statue of Liberty Step by Step
Draw the Statue of Liberty Step by Step

The Statue of Liberty has a fascinating history of how she came to be. Back in my classroom days, I used to read one of my all time favorite books, “The Story of the Statue of Liberty” to students before I would show them how to draw her. I loved how well the book shares the inspiration of how she came to be, then the subsequent work and collaboration — all with a simple story line and beautiful illustrations. It’s hard not to have a brand new appreciation for her once you are done.

This new tutorial is made for students in the upper elementary grades, with a bit more detail and realism than my previous version. Those folds of fabric are what make her look so amazing, but they can be tricky to draw. Hopefully these steps simplify them a bit for those that want to try them out.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

Draw the Statue of Liberty Step by Step

  1. Start with drawing a face.

  2. Add the hair, neck base of the crown.

  3. Draw seven spikes on the base.

  4. Draw a robe and the platform below.

  5. Add an arm holding the torch.

  6. Draw the other arm holding a tablet.

  7. Add a top layer to the robe.

  8. Erase the gray lines, and add clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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