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Draw a Cute Car

Let’s face it, Volkswagen Beetle cars are cute. Here’s an easy car drawing step by step tutorial to help you make one with it’s very unique profile.

Not all drawing projects have to be about flowers or landscapes or people. Some can be about more mechanical things, like buildings or transportation, or more specifically … cars.

You may find you have students that totally yawn at the idea of drawing organic stuff, but are endlessly fascinated with more orderly things. It takes a different part of your brain to make things more precise, and more design oriented, so adding these kinds of projects to your curriculum is a great way to appeal to those students too.


  • How to Draw Car PDF Tutorial (see above)
  • Drawing paper
  • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip
  • Crayons


Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Car

  1. Make guidelines. Draw two wheels.

  2. Add inside circles and line.

  3. Draw front and back bumper.

  4. Draw the car body.

  5. Add two side windows.

  6. Draw front, back window and lights.

  7. Add bumpers around wheels.

  8. Draw a road and background.

  9. Trace with a black marker and color.

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