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How to Draw all KINDS of Dragons

Lots of how to draw a dragon tutorials that are supposed to be for kids, are really much more appropriate for teenagers or adults. Here are a few that work for elementary age students.

how to draw a dragon
how to draw a dragon

Your drawing may of course be completed however you like, but I recommend that you try coloring your dragon with two values of whatever color you choose. Press hard to get a darker color for the top of the head and neck, and then a lighter for the underside belly. The overall look will create a blended look, just like to pros create!



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Dragon

  1. Draw a sideways “V” for the open mouth.

  2. Add crocodile-looking jaws around it.

  3. Draw the top of the body.

  4. Add the bottom of the body.

  5. Add two legs and claws.

  6. Add teeth, eye and details.

  7. Draw belly lines.

  8. Draw spikes on the back, fire and clouds in the background.

  9. Trace and color with crayons or pencil crayons.

Draw a Red Dragon

Here’s another tutorial for a dragon that is a little more realistic, but still fairly simple. I’d save it for maybe 4th and 5th graders on up.


Spiked Dragon

And here’s an option for more advanced artists, as the dragon body twists and turns, which makes it a little trickier to draw, but oh so cool when you are done!

how to draw a dragon for kids


Sitting Dragon

If you are in the need of a sitting dragon to decorate a building or something, this one might work well for you too.

dragon drawing easy


Draw a Dragon Head

And finally, here’s how you can focus on drawing just a very fierce dragon head.

easy to draw dragon


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