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Valentine’s Day Heart Painting

A Valentine’s Day art for kids project can be a good time to try a new process. This colorful art comes from using crayons, rubber cement and watercolors.

valentines day art for kids

It’s a great way to show kids how amazing their art can be if they just focus on adding lots of layered color, both when coloring with crayons and then painting with watercolors.

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• Watercolor paper, 8.5″ x 11″
Rubber cement
• Watercolor paint
• Oil pastels, optional

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PREP: I preprinted my hearts when doing this with kinders. Believe or not, the curve of the heart is difficult for some, and on average, they will draw hearts too small to fill in if left on their own.

1. Students color each heart in with crayons, pressing hard to make them brightly colored with lots of layers.


2. A background watercolor paint is chosen and covered over all the hearts. Let the paint dry. Rubber cement is painted over the entire picture using large quick strokes. The goal is to just make some lines, and leave some empty spaces. Let the cement dry.


Watercolor Resist Hearts

3. A contrasting watercolor paint is chosen and painted over the entire picture. The cement will keep the background color intact. Let the paint dry. When dry, the rubber cement should be easily rubbed off with fingertips. On occasion, if the painting was really wet, this doesn’t happen so easily. Not a problem though as the cement did its job to alter colors and can just stay as part of the art. To add definition more oil pastels may be used again on top. Tell the students that the goal is to have colorful, bold hearts that stand out from the background. When that is achieved, their art is done!

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