Lois Mailou Jones Coloring Page

Below you’ll find a Lois Mailou Jones Coloring Page that shares her love of primitive shapes.

About Lois Mailou Jones

Loïs Mailou Jones was an influential artist and teacher and she paved a path for black artists who had been shut out of the world of fine art. The images she liked to create lend themselves well to student art projects as they are simple and bold – which are really fun to color.

The many Benefits of Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are obviously great for early finishers, and having one that links to a lesson is preferable too.

But don’t stop there.

There are many more possibilities, many that still let students add their own creativity, or help in a pinch when you’re really short on time.

A few ideas are listed below…

• Trace the light version page with a thick black marker before coloring.

• Print on watercolor paper and trace with permanent black marker and paint.

• Fill all the art with oil pastels, add a layer of black on top, and scratch away.

The wonderful thing about being an artist is that there is no end to creative expression. Painting is my life; my life is painting.


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A Lois Mailou Jones Coloring page, available as a free download.

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