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How to Draw a Bee

Mix a little science and art and learn how to draw a bee. Don’t just label their body parts, students will remember more if they draw them from scratch.

Bee Drawing

You could have your students fill in labels on boring worksheets, OR you could have them draw insects from scratch so they have to create all those body parts themselves.

This bee also doubles as a good lesson in symmetry, as the right and left side should match each other. The thorax and abdomen are fairly easy to do, but those bent legs are a little more challenging. If fact, if anyone is struggling with them, I recommend that the end feet are ignored. A legs with one bend will look just fine too.

Preview of step by step Bee tutorial
Bee Coloring Page



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Bee

  1. Draw the thorax.

  2. Add the head and two large eyes.

  3. Erase inside the eyes. Draw the abdomen.

  4. Draw two symmetrical wings.

  5. Add two pairs of symmetrical back legs.

  6. Draw front legs and antennae.

  7. Add veins to the wings.

  8. Draw stripes on the thorax and abdomen.

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