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How to Draw an Alien

Learn how to draw an Alien, the retro kind that tends to show up in a lot of old movies. They can even look kind of cute, if you want them too.

how to draw an alien
Alien drawing, finished with marker and crayons
how to draw an alien
Time lapse of Alien drawing tutorial.

If you have some young students that are looking to draw an alien, then this is the project targeted for them. Older ones that are fans of the scarier type can keep looking, as I’m sure there are places on the internet to find them. Meanwhile though, the good old-fashion little green person is fun to imagine, and drawing in a surrounding of their choice.

Teachers that like to weave in a few Elements of Art Words can certainly find examples of SPACE, no pun intended. Planets and space ships of varying sizes are all it takes to make a drawing look like it has a lot of depth.

How to Draw an Alien
Preview of Alien drawing tutorial



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw an Alien

  1. Draw the head.

  2. Add two large eyes and spots.

  3. Draw two antennae and a mouth.

  4. Draw the alien body.

  5. Add two legs below.

  6. Erase gray lines and add arms.

  7. Draw a ground line and hills.

  8. Finish with fun things in the sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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