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Easy How to Draw a Rat Tutorial and Rat Coloring Page

Learn how to draw a rat with this step-by-step tutorial, and you’ll be all set to celebrate the lunar Chinese New Year on Jan. 25th, 2020. Yep, it’s gonna be the Year of the Rat!

Drawing a Rat

The Rat is the first of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. Anyone who is born under this sign is said to be intelligent, charming, quick-witted, practical, ambitious, and good at economizing. Not the qualities most people associate with rats, right?

This tutorial is made with simple shapes that still keep the qualities of a rat, namely the long face and body. Hopefully it’s just the right mix of kinda easy, kinda realistic, and kinda cute … to keep your students interest.

Use the Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

Rat Coloring Page

Materials for Rat Project

Step by Step Directions for Rat Project

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Rat

  1. Start the body shape as shown.

  2. Extend the neck a bit and add the head.

  3. Draw the right ear as shown.

  4. Erase the inside ear, and the other ear.

  5. Draw two large eyes and a simple nose shape.

  6. Draw the large back leg and a front one.

  7. Erase inside legs, add leg on other side.

  8. Draw the tail and add a grass line.

  9. Trace the lines with a marker and color.

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