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How to Draw a Humpback Whale

Learn how to draw a Humpback Whale with this easy step by step tutorial. This one looks like he’s about to jump out of the water.

draw a humpback whale
draw a humpback whale

When children are really young and just learning about the world around them and how to draw it, a whale can be a whale. But as they get older, and can absorb all the many variations of species there are, they can start to notice all their different shapes and sizes.

Most generic drawings of whales tend to have the blunt end Sperm whale shape, but Blue and Gray and Humpback whales have mouths that look more like the one above. All of the species are fascinating creatures, but it’s good practice to notice how different they are from each other, especially when it comes to drawing.

After all, if students happen to be writing a report about one, it helps to have a drawing that is as detailed as their writing. Those two things go hand in hand.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Humpback Whale

  1. Start with a top curve.

  2. Add the bottom curve.

  3. Draw a mouth line.

  4. Add a tail.

  5. Draw an eye and spots.

  6. Draw lines on the belly.

  7. Add two fins as shown.

  8. Erase fin lines and add water and sky.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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