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Draw a Polar Bear

Here’s how to draw a polar bear with just a few simple, symmetrical shapes. Narrow eyes and a small forehead let you know exactly who he is.

how to draw a polar bear
Draw a Polar Bear face
how to draw a polar bear

There are just a few details that make a drawing of a polar bear pretty unmistakable – a small forehead, wide neck, and lightly colored muzzle. Make sure you include these an no one will doubt what you have just drawn.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

Polar Bear Tutorial

  1. Make guidelines. Start the top of the head.

  2. Draw the sides of the head.

  3. Add a hexagon nose.

  4. Add mouth lines.

  5. Start the top of the muzzle.

  6. Finish the bottom of the muzzle.

  7. Draw two eyes.

  8. Add two ears.

  9. Trace and color with crayons.

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