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How to Draw a Happy Father’s Day Card

Learn how to draw a Happy Father’s Day card by making a 3D message. A step by step tutorial shows how to turn block letters into 3D letters.

how to draw a father's day card
Drawing of Happy Father’s Day card

When it comes to easy Father’s Day card ideas, drawing a message with some of the biggest and boldest letters possible is a fun way to go. These could be scaled down to fit on a card, or blown up to draw something really big, like a poster. 

Most older elementary students are familiar with drawing block letters, but need some help in giving them dimension. The straight letters are easy to see, but the curvy ones can get a little confusing. This tutorial is taken from my How to Draw 3d Letters Alphabet post, but includes only the letters needed to write the message above. It saves on paper and students can easily see just what they need too. 

how to draw a father's day card
Preview of step by step Father’s Day Card tutorial
Happy Father’s Day Coloring Page



Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Happy Father’s Day Card

  1. Here’s how to draw the letter H.

  2. Add the letter A.

  3. Followed by a letter P.

  4. Draw another P.

  5. Add a letter Y.

  6. Start the next word with an F.

  7. Then a letter A.

  8. And a letter W.

  9. Add a letter H.

  10. Followed by an E.

  11. Then the letter R.

  12. End with the letter S.

  13. Start the last word with the letter D.

  14. Add an A.

  15. End with a Y.

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