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Easy Alphabet Art for Kinders Tutorial

Try this tracing and painting project for a kindergarten art lesson that mixes art and writing. Perfect for those just learning the alphabet.

kindergarten art lesson
Finished student painting of Alphabet Art

Use the Button below to Download a PDF Template

kindergarten art lesson

This simple project works great for kinders and new artists as it just calls for tracing a template in crayon, and then painting in the boxes. The combination of crayons and watercolors just can’t be beat for making really pretty children’s art.

That said, if you do have the budget, I recommend using real watercolor paper if you can. It makes the paint colors come to life, especially when you use liquid watercolor paint. Liquid, as opposed to tablet paint in trays, will allow young artists just focus on getting the paint on the paper, and not figuring out how to mix water with them first. Those are great for older kids as they eventually need to figure out how to do that, but in the beginning it’s fun to get right to the painting. And if you are a busy teacher with a big class, it speeds things up immensely too. Spill proof cups and brushes that stayed in them were a life saver back in my day.

Wondering how you get an odd number of letters (26) into a grid of 25 boxes? Easy, just have two skinny letters (I and J) share a box.

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kindergarten art lesson

Materials for How to Draw the Alphabet Grid

Directions for How to Draw the Alphabet Grid Step by Step

Time needed: 43 minutes

How to make an Alphabet art project

  1. Print the template, preferably on watercolor paper.

  2. Trace each letter and line (heavily!) with crayons.

    Kinder art project

  3. Paint each box with a different color.

    kindergarten art lesson

Another Alphabet Art Idea

Alphabet Art on a canvas for a fundraiser

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