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How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra

Here’s how to draw a cartoon zebra and have some fun with his stripes. This one has them wrapped from head to toe.

How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra
A finished Cartoon Zebra drawing, colored with crayons

I’ve often said how I believe that horses, and horse-like animals are some of the more tricky to draw, and zebras definitely fall in that category. In real life, the head and neck and belly and legs are all full of lots of curves. And for students that are just learning how to draw, making determinations about how subtle or dramatic a curve may be is something that takes the most practice of all.

That being said, drawing is all about practice, of course. But sometimes it’s fun to kind of skip all the tiny details, and get the fun part as soon as possible. This tutorial takes the idea of a horse-shaped animal, skips all the smaller details, and then adds a layer of stripes from head to toe. And if you or your students want a quicker solution for a zebra drawing, it might be just the ticket.

How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra
Preview of the Cartoon Zebra step by step tutorial



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra

  1. Start the zebra head.

  2. Connect a simple body.

  3. Draw two legs.

  4. Draw two more legs.

  5. Start the stripes to the front of the body.

  6. Continue stripes to the back.

  7. Finish the stripes, add face and ear.

  8. Draw the mane, tail and background.

  9. Trace with marker and color.Start

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