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Doodle Summer Self Portrait

This self portrait idea asks students to tell their summer story with just visual cues; i.e. a bracelet made in camp, mosquito bite from the lake, etc.

self portrait drawing

You can create a fun “wimpy kid” looking self portrait if you draw on lined school paper … or you print your own on.

My favorite part of this project? It’s very forgiving as any kind of oopses can be turned into something else or covered up.

Download the the PDF template below and print on drawing paper for a special back to school project that helps everyone get to know each other better.

  1. I really like the background notebook paper look, so I made a tabloid version that would give students lots of room to draw. Plain paper would look fine though too.
  2. Guide the students through drawing a body that fills the page. The head should be about 8 lines tall and touch the top blue line. The waist should be about halfway down the paper, and so on. Once the body is drawn, students trace it with a fine point black Sharpie, something that will make a medium weight line. Their name is also added on top and traced.
  3. The rest of the drawing is done with a thin black marker or pen. The details of the clothes, the written words, any crosshatching are all made with thin black lines to add variety to the artwork. Tip: it is easier to write the words and then circle them than visa versa.
  4. Shapes are colored in at will with colored pencils. The more doodles and color you add, the better the self-portrait looks!

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