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How to Draw a Football Player Tutorial and Football Player Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Football Player and a Football Coloring Page. It‘ will show you how to make the’s a good lesson in showing one that looks like he’s really running!

Drawing of a Football Player

Football Player Tutorial Video

Football Player Drawing

Given that football is such an action-packed game, it only makes sense that if students would like to learn how to draw a football player, it should be one that really shows movement. This tutorial shows students how to draw a body with arms and legs outstretched, in a position that looks like they would be running. A helmet and football uniform are needed to complete the look, and this drawing tutorial shares the easiest way to draw both.

If students continue with art studies, and want to learn more about drawing bodies, many classes and books will show the benefits of drawing a kind of wire frame of the entire body first, and not so much in sections as shown in this tutorial. That works great for those that are putting in some serious time to learn how to draw bodies. This way though will give lots of young students a feel for what an body looks when it’s running, and where those arms and legs might be placed.

Use the Button below to download a PDF Tutorial

Football Player Coloring Page

Materials for a Football Player Drawing

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  • Drawing Paper. Don’t substitute it with copy paper or construction paper. The surface will get fuzzy, erasing might cause holes, and the colors will generally not look as bright.
  • Stabilo Markers. The large pack provides lots of fun color choices, several shades of each color, including a few choices for skin. The tips are perfect for coloring, and there’s even a promise that they will work after being uncapped for 8 weeks!
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips. Stabilo Markers. They have the best colors, the best tips, and last the longest.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent markers are great for making a crisp outline to your drawing. Use them when you want your outline show up, but not be so heavy that it detracts from other things.

Step by Step Directions

Time needed: 45 minutes

Draw an easy Football Player

  1. Start with a torso and top leg shape.

  2. Finish the bottom leg.

  3. Draw the top and bottom of the back leg.

  4. Add an extended arm to the torso.

  5. Add the other arm holding the football.

  6. Draw a helmet with the face showing.

  7. Add the guard on the helmet.

  8. Finally, add some details lines as shown.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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