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How to Draw a Leaf Pattern Resist

Learn how to draw a Leaf Pattern Resist with this new tutorial. Sometimes the simple projects can have the most amazing results.

This is an example of what happens when are able to combine the best of the best for one easy fall art project.

First, start with good watercolor paper, which gives you all that lovely painted texture when finished. Multi-media paper is the next best thing, but really, textured watercolor paper just holds colors like no other.

Next, you use what I think is the best watercolor paint for kids, namely the liquid type. I’m not sold on any one brand, they all seem to work fine. Dilute the paint as little as possible so the colors stay bright. Spill proof contains work great for busy classrooms.

Lastly, hope to have a talented student like this young first grader named Sara, who took simple instructions like “make patterns with the crayons” and ran with it. Some kids just have a flair, and that was apparent with this young girl as soon as I met her. Over the years, she made many things that took my breath away, but this leaf art probably remains my all time favorite.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Leaf Pattern Resist

  1. Draw a long diagonal line.

  2. Add about four V shapes.

  3. Draw “fingers” around the lines. Trace with black marker.

  4. Use crayons to make patterns.

  5. Continue, changing colars.

  6. Add more until all is filled.

  7. Add several crayon outlines.

  8. Fill the rest with crayon shapes.

  9. Paint over all with watercolor.

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