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How to Draw a Maple Leaf

Learn how to draw a maple leaf and its curvy shapes with this easy step by step tutorial. Makes for some good symmetrical drawing practice.

While there are a million variations of maple leaves in the world, most of the ones I have seen do follow a certain kind of pattern.

They have three large fingers, so to speak, with a few more curves sprinkled around them. This tutorial will show students how to draw those shapes in a logical progression, and then the how to fill the veins inside with their own kind of pattern.

The fun part, of course, is that when their maple leaf is drawn, students can get crazy with some really vivid fall colors. Any combination of warm colors will be beautiful, especially if they press really hard with their crayons. You don’t get that saturation without putting in a bit of effort!



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Maple Leaf

  1. Draw a center stem.

  2. Add a cap on top.

  3. Draw two symmetrical U shapes.

  4. Add two more symmetrical caps.

  5. Draw two symmetrical curves.

  6. Add four large veins.

  7. Draw six medium vein lines.

  8. Add lots of small vein lines.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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