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How to Draw a Windmill

Learn how to draw a windmill, which have been included in many a Danish landscape painting for centuries.

How to Draw a Windmill

How to Draw a Windmill

Their job was to use wind energy to turn any raw material that needed pounding into a tradeable product. They also pumped water out of the ground to make it more useful for farming.

This tutorial breaks their unusual shape into 12 easy steps, which will help any student first draw a symmetrical base, and then add the rotating blades. Students looking to add even more detail, can find some places to add shadows, or lots of colorful flowers.


  • Grades 3 and up (or ages 8 and above)


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  1. Fold paper to make guide lines. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Add a dome shape on top.
  3. Start walls with slightly curved lines.
  4. Add two longer curved lines.
  5. Connect the bottom with straight lines.
  6. Draw circle in top dome.
  7. Draw a large skinny X.
  8. Add rectangle panels to each, kind of like flags.
  9. Add lines inside each panel.
  10. Draw windows and doors.
  11. Add horizon line and some landscaping.
  12. Trace with a black marker and color. Add second layer of marker to made shadows. Stabilo Power Markers® were used in this sample.

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