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Easy How to Make an Easel from Popsicle Sticks Tutorial

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to make an easel from popsicle sticks. It can be the start of your own miniature art show, or Mother’s Day gift, or more!

Students in Petoskey, Michigan who made easels for their mini paintings

Mini Easels made with popsicle sticks

Mini Easel Tutorial Video

Sometimes it’s fun to present drawings in a more finished way. Miniature canvases are a fun and inexpensive way to do that. Now students can learn how to make an easels from popsicle sticks so they can display their work in a way that honors what they are. A little drawing becomes a lovely work of art when it can rest on its own stand!

This project is an upgrade from a previous easel tutorial, which used a total of only 5 sticks. While it did the job for really small canvases, it was shorter, didn’t look as strong, and would easily get covered up. Who needs that when you are going to the trouble of making these cute little wooden stands anyway? Why not use just a few more sticks to make your easel taller, so it looks more like the real professional ones? The good news is that it’s easy to do when extend the legs and just raise things up a bit.

If you’re thinking that hot glue must be involved, guess again. Craft glue can be your best friend for these kinds of projects as it is thick, doesn’t run, and dries really quickly. It’s not instant, so it takes just a bit more patience, but it is totally safe and no fingers will ever get burned!

Today you have two choices is seeing how these popsicle sticks are made. You can see my YouTube video that is linked below, or you can view the screen shots with brief descriptions of each step. I hope either only gets you on your way to trying this out!

Materials for Popsicle Stick Easels

Step by Step Directions to make Easels

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to make Easels from Popsicle sticks

  1. An assortment of easels, which can display art either horizontally or vertically.

  2. Collect your art supplies.

  3. Make a 1.75″ mark on three craft sticks.

  4. Apply a line of craft glue.

  5. Place another stick on top and let dry.

  6. Glue two of these longer sticks to a mini stick.

  7. Add one stick below the overlapping one.

  8. Glue another stick on it’s side for the ledge.

  9. Glue the center stick in place.

  10. Use a scissors to flatten one end of the longer sticks.

  11. Add generous spot of glue on the back on the center stick.

  12. Balance the stick and front of a napkin so it doesn’t slide, and let dry overnight.

  13. Display your work of art!

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