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How to Draw an Apple

Learn how to draw an Apple, both inside and out, with this fun and easy step by step tutorial.

How to Draw an Apple

Whether your students are drawing the alphabet, or studying tree cycles, or looking for fall art, learning how to draw an apple can be the first step in making that happen.

Without any inspiration, many students might opt for just drawing a red circle and adding a stem, but that doesn’t always say apple in the way that a few more details can.

If your students learn how to add a stem and leaf that look like it’s coming out of the center, and maybe also show the inside of the apple, all of a sudden you have a very descriptive apple drawing.

Are your students in the upper elementary grades? Then try challenging them to think how a shadow might be added. They need to decide where the source of light is coming from, and then draw heavier and darker on the opposite side.

How to Draw an Apple
Apple Coloring Page



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw an Apple

  1. Draw a circle.

  2. Add a curve and stem.

  3. Draw an attached leaf.

  4. Add details to the leaf.

  5. Draw another circle.

  6. Draw the peel line, stem and seeds.

  7. Draw a slice of apple.

  8. Add a ground line in the background.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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