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How to Draw a Cheetah

Here’s a step by step tutorial that shows you how to draw a cheetah with a graceful and sleek body. Finish with lots of spots and bright yellow coloring.

A finished drawing of a Cheetah
A preview of the step by step Cheetah tutorial

Some key features that are needed to make your cheetah really look like a cheetah are: a narrow body, that signature black line that connects the nose to the eyes, and lots and lots of spots. Lastly, put your yellow marker (or crayon) to good use by coloring him or her in really well. A scribbly body will not have the same impact as a really bright yellow one.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Cheetah

  1. Make guidelines. Draw the head shape.

  2. Add the face curves inside. Erase the extra line.

  3. Finish the eyes. Draw a nose and mouth.

  4. Add two ears. Draw the front legs with a slight curve.

  5. Add two back legs.

  6. Draw a long and thick tail.

  7. Add spots and stripes on the tail.

  8. Draw a horizon line, trees and clouds.

  9. Trace with a black marker, fill the spots and color.

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