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How to Draw a Snail

Learn how to draw a snail with a bit of a cartoon twist. It’s fun to get creative when coloring in that shell.

How to Draw a Snail
A finished drawing of a Snail
How to Draw a Snail
A preview of the Draw a Snail PDF tutorial

Here are a few fun facts about snails that your students might find interesting:

  • Snails are born with shells.
  • Their two eyes are found at the tip of their tentacles.
  • Snails move using one muscular foot.
  • A snail’s mouth may be the size of a pin, but it can have up to 20,000 teeth depending on the species.
  • When temperatures can get fatally dry, snails can sleep for 3 years,
  • Garden snails are nocturnal. They roam at night to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

This tutorial is made to keep the basic anatomy of the snail in place, namely the placement of the eyes and shape of the body, but could encourage students to come with their own colorful shell. Spiral shapes are fun to section off to make patterns, and with a little bit of shading, can look pretty dimensional too.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Snail

  1. Draw the bottom curve of the shell.

  2. Add the spiral shell on top.

  3. Draw the snail body.

  4. Center two circles above for the eyes.

  5. Connect the eyes to the head.

  6. Add the eye and face details.

  7. Draw the curved lines to make sections on the shell.

  8. Add a row of grass in the background.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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