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Draw a Snail

Here’s a simple way to draw a snail, all starting with a line that looks like the number “6”.

I found a wonderful foreign website pavulurivikram.blogspot.dk that has lots of drawings based on numbers, and want to give theme credit for this idea. I just added some realistic antennae so the snail would be more true to life.

how to draw a snail




Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Snail

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a number “6” that does not close.

  2. Add a swirl inside the shape.

  3. Finish the front of the shell.

  4. Draw the snail body below.

  5. Add two eye shapes.

  6. Draw a horizon line.

  7. Add a cloud or two.

  8. Draw a sun.

  9. Trace and color with crayons. Add shadow on the shell.

Make a Model Magic Snail

I’m happy to share my very first “How To” video, which is one of my favorite Model Magic projects for kinders. It tied in to their science studies last spring, showed them how to mix colors AND make snake shapes. Not bad for one project.


  • Small ball of White Model Magic
  • Small ball of and colored Model Magic
  • Souffle cup (not shown)


  1. Students get equal amounts of white and colored Model Magic.
  2. Students take a pea-size amount of the colored Model Magic and mix it with the white.
  3. A small amount is pinched from the colored Model Magic for antennae.
  4. A snail is shaped from the colored Model Magic and two antennae are made for the head.
  5. The tinted Model Magic is rolled into a snake with one blunt end and one point end. It is rolled to make a shell.
  6. The shell is placed on the back of the snail.
  7. Store the snail in a small souffle cup to keep it from drying out.

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