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How to Draw a Koi Fish

Learn how to draw a Koi Fish with step by step directions. The twist in his body makes him look extra realistic.

Draw a Koi Fish Step by Step

For a Koi Fish that has more dimension to it, try drawing one like this, with a body that looks like it is twisting in the water. It’s not as tricky as you might think, if you get a few of those tail lines in just the right place.

Tracing the fish with crayons, by the way, will not only add some extra color and texture, it also creates a little wall between the colors. Be sure to press hard with the sharp crayon to make dark lines that you can see. Faint ones will not show up, especially when the watercolor is added.

Draw a Koi Fish Step by Step



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Koi Fish Step by Step

  1. Start with the two sides of the fish.

  2. Cap the ends of the curves.

  3. Add the tail and head.

  4. Draw the top ridge of the fish.

  5. Add five fins and lines inside.

  6. Draw scales, the face and tail lines.

  7. Trace with a crayon and paint an undercoat of yellow.

  8. Paint a watery orange over the yellow.

  9. Draw lines with white crayon and paint over with watercolor.

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