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Easy How to Draw Mittens Tutorial and Mitten Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Mittens and a Mittens Coloring Page. There’s even a little symmetry and pattern practice.

Mittens Drawing

A drawing of Mittens, made with the help of an easy step by step tutorial.

You can’t get much simpler than using a mitten for symmetry and pattern drawing practice. The mitten shape makes it easy to draw the right and left hand, and provides an easy canvas for shapes and designs too. Add a little holiday color too, and you have a pretty work of art that offers some good drawing practice too.

If students like the look of snow in the background, here’s some help in making it stay nice and white. The trick is to not draw small circles with a pencil. It takes twice as long and will mostly likely still show when the drawing is done. The best thing to do is to draw lots of circles with the blue sky crayon, and then fill in around the circles when complete. It’s much faster and the circles stay bright and fresh looking.

How to Draw a Mitten

A step by step tutorial for how to draw Mittens, also available as a free download.

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Mittens Coloring Page

Mittens Coloring page, available as a free download.

Blank Mittens Coloring Page

Materials for Mittens Drawing

Step by Step Directions for How to Draw Mittens

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw Mittens in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Start the left mitten at an angle.

  2. Add a wrist band and thumb. Start the second mitten.

  3. Add a wrist band and thumb.

  4. Draw lines across the top of the mittens.

  5. Fill each section with matching patterns.

  6. Add more matching patterns.

  7. Fill in with smaller shapes.

  8. Finish with lines on bands and thumbs.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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