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How to Draw a Pear

Learn how to draw a Pear, even if you don’t have a real one in front of you. A step by step tutorial will show you how it’s done.

How to Draw a Pear
Pear drawing, finished with marker and color

Paul Cézanne, one of the great Post-Impressionist painters of the 19th century, is famous for his radiant landscapes, portraits, and still life paintings.

In the 1860s and ’70s, Cézanne kept ties with artists of his generation, including Monet, Renoir and Degas. By the 1880s though, he lived a much more reclusive life. Thus, his first one-man show in November of 1895, proved a revelation to a new generation of avant-garde artists and critics. Both Renoir and Degas were so enamored with his Three Pears painting that they were forced to draw straws to see who would buy it.

While most art teachers would recommend students look at a real pear to make a still life drawing, sometimes that’s just not possible. No need to skip the lesson though, as there’s still a lot to learn from a detailed tutorial. Looking closely at the shape of a pear, and then filling it with some layered color will always be good practice for those that want to improve their drawing kills.

As a side note, oil pastels and paint offer the most color mixing ability, but crayons can work fine too. Just color as heavily as possible for the bottom, and as lightly as possible for a little blush on top. You might just end up with your own Cézanne inspired masterpiece!

How to Draw a Pear
Preview of Pear step by step drawing tutorial



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Pear

  1. Start with the top left side of the pear.

  2. Continue drawing the right side.

  3. Add the bottom side of the pear.

  4. Finish with the bottom left side.

  5. Draw a stem on the top.

  6. Add a leaf to the stem.

  7. Draw the back table line.

  8. Trace with a marker and color.

  9. Add some orange color for shading.

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