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Line Art Project Leaves

Students learn how to make a line art project with a leaf theme. Works great when studying about Lines as one of the Elements of Art.

line art projects
line art projects

There are seven Elements of Art that are considered the building blocks of art, and finding art projects that connect to one or more of them helps students understand them better.

The official list of Elements is: Line, Shape, Color, Space, Form, Value, Texture. Some websites may have a few less, but believe this is the list that most art teachers follow.

As you can imagine, this project works really well for learning about LINES. Learning how to put lines down on the paper in the way students want will always help them improve their skills.

This idea of making shapes with lots of lines is easy to adjust for many grade levels. The main project shown above would probably work best for those that feel pretty confident in their drawing, and the variation below would be good for those just getting started.

A first grader tracing a leaf and then adding lines with a marker.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Line Art Leaves

  1. Lightly draw leaves in pencil.

  2. Use a marker to trace spine and fill in with lines.

  3. Draw more overlapping leaves in pencil.

  4. Use a marker to trace spine and fill in with lines.

  5. Erase ALL the pencil lines.

  6. Glue to a colored sheet of paper.



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