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How to Draw a Fish Bowl

When you learn how to draw a fish bowl, you’re naturally placing a fish in its environment. It’s part of the progression of drawing.

how to draw a fish bowl
Drawing of a Fish Bowl

With this tutorial, learn the easy way to put a fish in its natural habitat… water! You can create the environment around your aquatic friend to their liking. If you have a goldfish at home, you can recreate this drawing from your watery pet.

Your color options are limitless with the fish, rocks and background. This can make for good practice choosing like colors that create a visually pleasing display. You want your fish to have the best home possible!

how to draw a fish bowl
Preview of step by step Fish Bowl drawing tutorial



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Fish Bowl

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a large U shape.

  2. Close the top.

  3. Draw an oval.

  4. Draw the face line.

  5. Add an eye.

  6. Add fins.

  7. Add a tail and lips.

  8. Finish with marbles and table line.

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