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Schulton Landscape

Schulten Painting compositeTon Schulton is a Dutch landscape artist, known for his amazing color work.

I wish I knew who first thought of this great approach for having students paint in his style. It’s basically working backwards, as in painting a wavy grid first and then designing buildings on top.

• Watercolor paper
• Watercolor tray paint
• Cake tempera paint, black
• Paper towels

1. Students lightly draw about 3 wavy horizontal lines and 4 wavy vertical lines, depending on the size of their paper.
2. Watercolor paint is used to fill in all the wavy blocks on the grid. I used my tray paint for this sample so I could mix extra colors. Pat dry.
3. Either heavy black watercolor or tempera paint is used with a small brush to design the buildings on top. Try having students just draw with their brush, no pencil plan before hand. My experience is that they get too detailed if given a chance to use a pencil. I also suggest making a limitation of ONLY painting building shapes that fall on the lines, then a patterned roof and black windows. Too many black lines will cover up all that pretty color.