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Draw a Dolphin

Learning how to draw a dolphin can be tricky as they have so many curves to them. This tutorial breaks them all down into small steps.

How to draw a dolphin

I think it helps to think of him as a banana with a tail. That long and narrow mouth looks just like the stem to me, it’s just sitting off to one side a little.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Dolphin

  1. Make guidelines. Draw the back curve.

  2. Add a nose and the belly curve.

  3. Add a tail.

  4. Add the mouth and eye.

  5. Draw one flipper.

  6. Draw other flipper and fin. Erase inside line.

  7. Add a belly line.

  8. Add water, sun and cloud.

  9. Trace in black and color with crayons.

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