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Draw a Leprechaun

Here are step by step instructions for how to draw a Leprechaun. He’s a cute, simple character, with mostly symmetrical parts which is helpful for students just learning how to draw.Save

step by step leprechaun drawing
How to Draw a Leprechaun

Tip? Don’t skip part about making guidelines before you draw (drawn ones are best if you are going to paint). They really help students gauge where to place their lines and fill their paper with their art. This little guy in particular has quite a few details so the more guides to help you, the better.

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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Leprechaun

  1. Draw the beard.

  2. Add ears and a hat brim.

  3. Finish the brim and top hat.

  4. Add a buckle to the hat.

  5. Draw a face as shown.

  6. Draw shirt and shorts.

  7. Draw hands, legs and shoes.

  8. Finish with the details shown.

  9. Trace with permanent marker and paint.

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