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How to Draw a Shamrock

Here’s an easy way to draw a Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. Fill up a page and turn it into a fancy painting, if you’d like.

How to Draw a Shamrock
A Shamrock painting

Here’s a super easy way for your students to draw not just one shamrock, but a whole page of them! Once they are sketched out in pencil, they can be turned into a pretty painting project as it’s easy to make a more watery green for a background. In fact, by pointing out that students would be changing the VALUE of the color, you just added an Element of Art lesson to the project too.

Not to worry if you don’t have those supplies though, crayons always work great too, and most packs do include a couple of shades of green.

Either way, do use the trick of drawing some curvy cross shapes all over the paper to first create a balanced layout, and then turn those cross ends into heart shaped leaves. It’s an easy way to make a page full of dancing shamrocks. Press extra hard with crayon along the spines to give those leaves an extra dimensional look.

Time lapse of a Shamrock painting.
How to Draw a Shamrock
Preview of the How to Draw a Shamrock tutorial



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Shamrock

  1. Draw about five cross shapes lightly with a pencil.

  2. Draw hearts lightly around the 3 short ends.

  3. Use a dark green paint to trace and fill in.

  4. Use a lighter green to fill in the back. Leave some space.

  5. Trace and add lines with a gold paint marker.

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