Paper Mache Bowls and Colanders

I’m happy to have found the perfect form for my Paper Mache Bowl class. The dollar store came through again with super cheap colanders. Their built in holes are perfect for helping the mache to dry. My sample bowl here has just a couple of layers. Students will spend another two classes adding more layers so their bowls with be … Read More

Paper Mache Leaves from Germany

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Wow, look what was just shared with me! An amazing artist from Germany took my very ordinary post about paper mache tiles and turned it into this exquisite work art ! Her instructions are in German, but the photos are so descriptive that I don’t think words are really necessary. Go see for yourself, and then look at all her … Read More

Shiny Paper Mache Ice Cream Cones

Here they are – my students final paper mache ice cream cones all gussied up with a shiny finish. I love how this project makes something very familiar with students but allows for all kinds of personalization, as in their favorite ice cream flavors. It also helps that the terra cotta pot has some weight and keeps even the tallest … Read More

    Pop Art Landscape

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