Bird Tessellation

One of my favorite tessellation projects for kids is an interlocking bird. I learned the hard way how easily shapes can get flopped, so I came up with the numbering system. For another option, see my Fish Tessellation art project. MATERIALS Drawing paper Card stock or chipboard square, 3″ Masking tape Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Give each student a … Read More

Cardboard Craft Building

 I’ve found that if I just precut some house shapes for a corrugated cardboard craft class, students as young as kinder can easily “build” something and learn how to construct and decorate a house. This adorable house was made by a talented kinder named Audrey. I believe she is six years old but has the focus of someone twice her … Read More

Fish Tessellation

Tessellations for kids have much to teach about art and math, but need clear guide lines to keep students from jumbling up their cut out shapes. My tessellation process shown in my diagram comes from many hours of figuring out how to work with a large group (35 or more) students and have as many as possible understand that they … Read More

Kandinsky Plate Project

Proof that Kandinsky art projects can include art history and math AND make something really striking. Start with some inexpensive plastic plates, color them with brush Sharpies, and you have a pretty amazing work of art that is ready for display. MATERIALS • Yoshi Plates, 6.5″ square • Marker, water based such as Crayola • Brush Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. … Read More

Common Core Model Magic Snake

One of my favorite Common Core art projects uses Model Magic to create a colorful patterned snake. One is for the colors (black, yellow, black, red, or A, B, A, C) and one for the width (thin, wide, wide, or A, B, B). All together you have a pretty great mixture of art and math. MATERIALS • Model Magic: Red, … Read More

Blooming Tissue Paper Flowers

Math and crafts make for fun steam projects for elementary students. These flowers are folded into quarters and eighths. MATERIALS • Card stock paper, blue • Card stock paper, green • Tissue paper, assorted colors • Glue stick • Scissors DIRECTIONS Students cut three stems from green paper and glue them to a blue background. Students are shown how to cut circles … Read More

Tessellation Story

Give your tessellation art project a language arts twist by adding a story. If you keep the tessellation to a simple shape that creates a quilt, then you have a great set up for writing about sleep and dreams. MATERIALS • Draw a Dreaming Story Tutorial • Drawing paper, 12″ x 18″ • Chip board • Scissors • Black marker … Read More

Art Projects for Kids