Simple Color Wheel

Use your old CDs to make a simple color wheel. It involves a bit of “eyeball” measuring, which works fine for this purpose. • View and download Divide CD Tutorial MATERIALS Old CDs Ruler Sharpie marker, black, fine tip Sharpie markers, assorted, fine or brush tip   DIRECTIONS Print tutorial for each student. Students use a ruler to divide the … Read More

Recycled Rooster

Save all those clean packing boxes, such as for cereal and pasta, and you can make some really colorful collage roosters. For a lead in story, “Farmyard Beat”* is perfect and actually the inspiration for this project. *The above product link is a referral. If you click through and take action, I’ll be compensated a small amount, at no extra … Read More

Earth Day Blue Planet Collage

A collage makes a great earth day project, but can also result in a lot of unfinished art. Turn everyone’s effort into a group project and see what can happen. This was created by 35 fourth graders in about 45 minutes. MATERIALS Old magazines Butcher paper Glue sticks, lots! Black marker DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw one large planet template on a … Read More

A Starry Night Gallery

This is what makes blogging so incredibly rewarding, getting emails like this. “I’m a french ex-teacher who helps in the village where I live. Today and tomorrow we’re having an exhibition about houses in our villages and a second exhibition … showing what kids have done related to the houses. One of the project has been a collective work with … Read More

Grass in a CD Case

Try growing grass in a CD case and turn them into gifts instead. Here’s an idea for a birthday or Mother’s Day. They make great little terrariums, especially with a message for special occasions. You can watch your plants grow and make a special gift at the same time. MATERIALS • CD case, the kind that is about 1/4″ thick … Read More

Beans in a CD Case

Want the maximum viewing for plant experiments? Try growing beans in a CD case. You can easily see the root development. MATERIALS • Old CD Jewel Case • Potting soil • Bean seeds, small • Rubber band DIRECTIONS 1. Remove all inserts in the case. They should just pop out. 2. Moisten potting soil and place in bottom of open case. … Read More

Collage Your Name Project

Collage projects for kids can start with old magazines, crayons and a little watercolor. For a little art history, you can also connect this to artist Romare Bearden. Romare Beardon, an African-American artist and writer, is renowned for his experimental collages, a technique he began to experiment with in 1950s. Some students in California learn more about Mr. Beardon in the fourth … Read More

Rainbow Magazine Collage

Here’s one of my group art project ideas that I return to from time to time. Truly art made from trash, as in old magazines headed for the recycling bin. I love that these rainbow collages create such impact with all their color. Students wouldn’t get that full effect if they each created a small one on their own. MATERIALS … Read More

Little Cardboard House

Here is one of my most popular cardboard art projects from one of my after school classes. Great for learning how to make forms from shapes. It takes some time to precut the pieces for little ones, but they have a ball “building” their own little house afterwards. MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard, 12″ squares (I found mine at a local Box … Read More

Recycled Crafts from My Sharpie Book

I’ve always hated throwing away old tin cans. They just have too many recycling possibilities. These tin can crafts are just one of many included in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book. MATERIALS • Old soup cans, washed and clean • Foil tape, from hardware store • Sharpie, fine tip, black • Sharpie, brush tip, variety of colors DIRECTIONS 1. Cut … Read More

Easy Printmaking with Bubble Wrap

For an easy printmaking project, try using bubble wrap. It’s a great way to repurpose old materials and make a colorful print too. MATERIALS Art journal or 6″ x 9″ drawing paper Bubble wrap Acrylic paint Paper plate Paint brush Pencil crayons Paper towels   DIRECTIONS I cut panels of bubble wrap that were smaller than the journal pages so … Read More

Skeleton Craft

My pack rat tendencies paid off when I figured out how use old watercolor trays to house this Model Magic skeleton. How many themes can this project touch on? Let’s see. Fun Halloween project? Check. STEAM approved (study of bones)? Check. Recycling old art supplies? Check. Backpack (portable) proof? Check. Not bad for one project! SUPPLIES Old watercolor tray Black … Read More

Treehouse Crafts

I’ve been experimenting with more dimensional after school classes, and am happy to report that my kids seem to love it. When my students made these tree houses, they got so involved in decorating them they worked right through the last minute of class. MATERIALS Cardboard Paper cutter (heavy duty type) Corrugated cardboard Craft sticks (narrow and long type) Match … Read More

Recycled Robots

If you collect as much misc. stuff as I do, then you just might be a good candidate to make this recycled art project with your students. These robots were made over four weeks in an after school class, but I could see them being simplified and done in a couple instead. Just man your hot glue gun stations carefully. I had two for … Read More

Cardboard House: Making Beds

I can’t believe how my students are eating this Cardboard Cutaway House project up! To date I have over 40 kids making these after school, and today they worked on making beds from popsicle sticks, chip board and stationary paper. Now granted, I prepped the bed pieces by cutting them out ahead of time (hey, I have even 5 year-olds) … Read More

Recycled Pencil Star

This easy Christmas craft comes about from seeing too many half-used pencils in my room. I have boxes of them that are a bit too awkward to hold, but seem too long to throw away. I first tried gluing them together to make a star on their own, but found they need a stable base. Craft sticks work perfectly and … Read More

Art Projects for Kids