How to Draw a Giant Nutcracker

      My school had a nutcracker theme for their holiday show one year, so I showed students how to draw a giant nutcracker on butcher paper. Now you can download your own diagram to help you make your own. Folding the paper to create guide lines really helps with the proportion. • View and download Giant Nutcracker Tutorial MATERIALS • White Kraft Paper, 36″ wide, such as this Pacon brand • Scissors • … Read More

Harvest Banners from Willits, CA

 Thanks so much to Baechtel Grove Middle School in Willits, CA for sharing their work-in-progress Harvest banners. They look amazing! I recently made this new Harvest Banner template for my PDF shop after seeing how popular my hand drawn post was. I know that not everyone can sketch out giant ears of Indian corn, or even has time to, so I thought a template might be helpful. What want to thank this teacher for is … Read More

Dia De Los Muertos Display

Sent from a reader recently: “Thought you might like to see this pic. I do an altar display every year with a printmaking project. Do you see your grid mural?!  Thank you, Laurie B. Willits, CA Thank you Laurie, that is one incredible Day of the Dead display, I can see why you are so proud of your students!  – Kathy • Link to Day of the Dead Mural Template in my PDF Shop

Art Box Portfolios

 Still looking for a good way to store lots of student artwork? I found this pizza box solution years ago. Just fold them inside out to get a plain brown box. Out kinder teachers keep them until spring and then send them home at Open House. A tried and true system for over five years. MATERIALS Pizza boxes, I like 14″ Black chisel tip marker for names Templates Markers (Crayola Metallic Markers look great … Read More

Kid’s Art Portfolio

Here’s my secret to keeping lots of student artwork organized – without taking up any of my valuable time. My after school drawing students each receive a Profolio portfolio, which have a paper insert along the spine that you can easily remove and write on. I color coded the student’s name (red = kinder, blue = 1st, etc.) and have a shelf for each so students can easily find and return their book after … Read More

Yarn Dispenser Hack

If you mix kids with yarn, it’s only a matter of time until things get tangled. It just occurred to me that empty Clorox wipe containers are the perfect shape to for a skein, with the top lip cut just a bit so you can keep it closed. Now I need to find all the wipe-loving teachers I can so I have plenty of containers to go around a class of 32 noisy fourth … Read More

Fall Festival Banners

If you need some inexpensive fall festival art, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. Just rolls of paper, thick black marker, and lots of crayons. Oh, and lots and lots of kids to color. MATERIALS • Large roll of paper, about 30″ wide • Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip • Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Cut long strips of paper from a roll, about 6′ long. Draw large ears of corn and large fall symbols … Read More

Painted Raindrops

Here’s what my coffee filter raindrops look like in my room, I have about 25 of them hanging from fish line. I like them and how they move with the A/C unit, now I just want MORE. MATERIALS • Jumbo coffee filters • Old steam iron • Liquid watercolor paints • Spray starch • Scissors • Scotch tape • Fish line DIRECTIONS 1. Steam iron about 20 – 30 filters at a time, flipping … Read More

Mini Match Stick Easels

I made these mini match stick easels with little craft sticks that Pacon recently let me take for a spin. It took some careful glue work, but it worked! The flat sides really help make the glue hold. I’ve got no plans to do it as a class project as I think it’s rather advanced gluing for elementary kids, but I might save it for gifts or something. Love the built in color and … Read More

Art Room Storage

I can’t tell you how much fun I had working on my art storage today. Thanks to a case of plastic 6 qt. boxes from Staples that cost about a buck each, I finally have what you could call a SYSTEM in place. I realize now that when you have dozens of different things to organize, having them all in similar containers is so helpful and a lot less painful to look at. The … Read More

Campbell’s Soup Mural from Hawaii

This Campbell’s Soup Mural has got to be one of my favorite done by students, and sent in by art teacher Stephanie Schobel. Her students at King Kamehameha III School in Hawaii made this amazing pop art composite with my Campbells Soup PDF Mural. Aren’t the colors wonderful? And I love the slight grid that shows up when students work on different pages. You can see the edges, but the image still reads as … Read More

Classroom Art Storage

If you missed my post about this last year, here is my favorite way to help kinder teachers store their student’s artwork. MATERIALS • 14″ donated pizza boxes DIRECTIONS I like to fold the boxes with the logos inside so students can decorate the blank exterior, but either way, they work great for all the oversized drawings and bumpy art they make throughout the year. No need for floppy folders that slip and slide … Read More

Giant Nutcracker Mural

Here are some students coloring a giant printout of my giant Nutcracker Mural. For those that want to bypass the individual pages that you need to tape up, you can take the single coloring page in my Nutcracker Mural to Staples and they will make a large-scale paper print for you. MATERIALS • Nutcracker Mural pdf file • Oil pastels or crayons or paint DIRECTIONS Take final page of mural to Staples and get … Read More

Art “Hall of Fame”

I’d like to share a new children’s artwork display that I started at my school this spring called the “Art Hall of Fame”. It came about from seeing some breathtaking student work that I didn’t want to see just disappear into backpacks. I’ve learned that these pieces of art don’t always get made right before official art shows, so I started choosing 1 or 2 pieces a month myself, and had them scanned and … Read More

Hallway Pencil Poles

The hallway at my school just got a lot more fun, thanks to some amazing students and moms that finished our new “Hall of Pencils” today.  MATERIALS Outdoor glossy paint, primary colors and pink Masking tape Rollers, brushes, paint supplies Air duct tubing from hardware store Metal rings and screws DIRECTIONS 1. Some very civic-minded graduates decided they wanted to help make our school more colorful, so they began this pencil project that had … Read More

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