Black Lines on Black Paper

If you have ever tried to make glue drawings for chalk pastel or color stick art, but didn’t love the way the glue dried? Drawing with white glue, letting it dry, and then coloring the paper is a great technique as the lines are set and can be colored over endlessly. The only frustration I have is that the white glue will sometimes dry cloudy, and sometimes not. The good news is that Elmer’s … Read More

How to Draw a Maple Leaf

Learn how to draw a maple leaf with my tutorial and you can make a wonderful, colorful collection of your own. MATERIALS Download Maple Leaf PDF Tutorial Brown kraft paper, even paper grocery bags Sharpie black marker, chisel tip Crayola Color Sticks Scissors   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print a tutorial for each student to see. Students follow the tutorial to draw a large leaf with a pencil. The leaf is traced with a thick black … Read More

Simple Drawing Project

If you want to have your students concentrate on their coloring skills, it helps to start with a simple drawing project. Here are four easy images to work with, a house, flower, bird and monster. My students all found at least one that they were drawn to. MATERIALS • Card stock paper, dark colors are best • Crayola Color Sticks • Black Sharpie markers, chisel tip DIRECTIONS 1. Students draw their favorite image with … Read More

Paul Klee Line Drawing

I made a “How to Draw like Paul Klee” tutorial to guide students in a continuous line drawing that would look a lot like Klee’s famous painting. This drawing is made by following the “up” and “down” and “over” directions shown on my diagram page. The fact that the finished art will look a lot like a famous Klee painting means a little art history may addressed as well. You can learn much more … Read More

Cat in the Hat Template

Here is a blank hat template to help celebrate Dr. Seuss’ upcoming birthday. I once used it as an art history lesson by reviewing a couple of famous artists (Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.) and then asked students to create a hat in their style. MATERIALS • View and download Cat in Hat Template • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker, black • Crayons or colored pencils DIRECTIONS PREP: Print a Cat in the Hat … Read More

Giacometti Drawing

  Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) was a Swiss sculptor, famous for his strangely elongated human forms. I’ve discovered that drawing these figures with glue is both easy, AND the perfect medium to match the texture in his sculpture. I’ve made a drawing tutorial to guide students in drawing their own. The goal is to have them experiment with different posts, but still keep a very thin and elongated look. • View and download Giacometti Figure … Read More

Glue and Color Sticks

This simple abstract landscape was drawn with glue on black card stock paper, and later colored in with Crayola Color Sticks. MATERIALS Black card stock paper White glue Crayola Color Sticks   DIRECTIONS Draw a simple landscape with a pencil on black card stock paper. Trace the drawing with white glue. Let dry overnight. Color the shapes with Crayola Color Sticks. They are fairly inexpensive these days, and last a long, long time and … Read More

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