Big Cardboard Numbers

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 These big cardboard numbers were for my school’s culmination ceremony. Lucky for me, all materials were already on hand, but if you had to buy the plaster bandages, I used about 4 rolls which I think would run you about $35 or so. MATERIALS • Old cardboard • Xacto knife • Mini plastic cups • Craft glue • Plaster bandages • Scissors • Assorted acrylic paint   DIRECTIONS I think the photos say it … Read More

Dino Toy Plaster Cast

Save your kid’s collection of dinosaur toys to add some science to your art projects, or visa versa. An easy plaster cast project. MATERIALS Old dinosaur toy, smaller is better Clay, old and semi dry is fine Heavy corrugated cardboard, square about the size of the toy Stapler Poster board strip, about 2.5″ wide by 12″ or so Plaster Yogurt containers or similar Heavy spoon Brown tempera paint DIRECTIONS Students soften a ball of clay … Read More

Make a Dinosaur Fossil

 Kinders in California learn about dinosaurs every spring. This project is a great combination of art and science. MATERIALS • Clay • Plastic dinosaurs • Cardboard, 5″ square • Card stock paper • Stapler DIRECTIONS 1. Students staple their strip of paper into a ring, overlapping about an inch. With the paper ring laying on the cardboard, they should make their ball into a flat “pancake” that will fit inside the circle. 2. With … Read More

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    Overlapping buildings

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