Big Cardboard Numbers

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 These big cardboard numbers were for my school’s culmination ceremony. Lucky for me, all materials were already on hand, but if you had to buy the plaster bandages, I used about 4 rolls which I think would run you about $35 or so. MATERIALS • Old cardboard • Xacto knife • Mini plastic cups • Craft glue • Plaster bandages • Scissors • Assorted acrylic paint   DIRECTIONS I think the photos say it … Read More

Dino Toy Plaster Cast

This is the project you save your old clay and dino toys for. 1. Students soften a ball of clay and make a roughly 3/4″ thick pancake. The pancake is placed on a larger square of heavy cardboard. 2. A wide ring of heavy paper (posterboard is great) is made by stapling the ends together. 3. Students make an impression in the clay with a plastic toy and then push the paper ring down … Read More

Make a Dinosaur Fossil

 Kinders in California learn about dinosaurs every spring. This project is a great combination of art and science. MATERIALS • Clay • Plastic dinosaurs • Cardboard, 5″ square • Card stock paper • Stapler DIRECTIONS 1. Students staple their strip of paper into a ring, overlapping about an inch. With the paper ring laying on the cardboard, they should make their ball into a flat “pancake” that will fit inside the circle. 2. With … Read More

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