How to Make a Round Braid

If friendship bracelets are frustrating, try learning how to make a round braid. After set up, there’s just one repeating step, but you still get a complex looking braid. MATERIALS • Yarn • Chipboard, or clean food box • Scissors • Circle template, approx. 3.5″ wide   DIRECTIONS 1. Trace any cup to make a circle about 3.5″ wide. A … Read More

Beginner Weaving Project

I found my new favorite beginner weaving project that takes very little prep work, is inexpensive, and still makes a very pretty work of art. The best part? It kept two very talky 4th grade classes engaged for a full 45 minutes today. In fact, it was even a couple of boys who were begging for more time to finish. … Read More

A Simple Weaving for Kids

I saw this simple weaving for Kids project on Pinterest (thank you to Artrageous Afternoon!) and loved it immediately. It’s a great way to make a little weaving project have more life than just sitting on a shelf or wall somewhere. MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard Hole punch, heavy duty Old paper cutter, recommended Yarn Beads   DIRECTIONS Cut chipboard to 2.5″ … Read More

Paper Weaving

I find that paper is a good way to introduce weaving for kids as the patterns are more visible than with yarn. MATERIALS • Construction paper, 9″ x 12″ • Paper cutter • Xacto knife, optional • Ruler • Scissors • Glue sticks DIRECTIONS PREP: One large 9″ x 12″ sheet needs to be prepared for the background “warp”, the term for … Read More

Paper Weaving ATC Cards

I’m calling this art trading card project a weaving sampler. it’s one way to introduce the very basic idea of “over and under” to young ones. MATERIALS • Card stock paper • Paper cutter • Scissors • Trading card sleeves DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut lots of cardstock cards to measure 2.5″ x 3.5″ and lots of thin strips that are 2.5″ … Read More

Art Projects for Kids