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Line Art Tutorial

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Here’s what I love about selling over the internet, customers can make requests, and you can turn around and help them FAST.

I was reminded that my Line Art Portrait eBook could really use some more direction help, so to get started I’ve made an example from page 1, the Empress Elisabeth Alexeievna of Russia. My recommended process is to first draw modern hair and shoulder shapes with a thick marker. More thick lines are added to break up the space, and then a thin marker to fill in the rest. The more lines you can fit in, the better. The contrast of a color face against black and white line art can create a very cool look, if done with care.

There will be more examples for this book to come, but for the time being, I thought knowing this basic approach might help. The Empress face template you can draw on, is of course, found in my Line Art Projects ebook. It’s included in my Coloring Book Sale, which ends tonightbut you can also buy the ebook by itself in my PDF Shop.

 Download Empress PDF Tutorial