Dandelion Painting

This dandelion painting uses bleeding tissue paper and rubber cement for masking out a puffy white flower. MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Bleeding tissue paper • Paint brush and water • Ultra fine tip black Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS Use the bottom of a jar of rubber cement to draw 3 circles in pencil on watercolor paper. Add stems. 2. Draw dandelion stems and trace with a thin Sharpie marker. Erase the pencil lines. … Read More

Metal Tooling Mask

Students made mini masks in my last metal tooling class and this 2nd grader, Megan B., did an exceptional job. MATERIALS • Water based markers • Felt, approx. 7″ x 6″ rectangles • Pencil • Metal Tooling • Brush Sharpie Markers • Black card stock paper, approx. 9″ x 6″ • Masking tape DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut metal tooling into 6″ x 5″ rectangles. 1. Students draw a large face on the tooling with a … Read More

Metal Tooling Fish

I’m trying a Metal Tooling class after school, and was happy with how this turned out, especially as I had quite a few kinders. Templates helped every one get started with a nice large simple fish, which they personalized in very creative ways. MATERIALS • Chipboard for templates • Metal tooling • Scissors • Felt • Pencil • Sharpie markers, brush tip • Masking tape • Black card stock paper DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut black … Read More

Layla’s Mini Canvas Cat

This marvelous Sharpie marker cat painting was created in my after school Mini Canvas Class today, by a first grader named Layla. I love the lopsided eye, crazy palette, and precise coloring that the Sharpie Brush markers allow. If you are interested in the craft stick easel instructions, the link is below. I’ve made a few updates to it, as in using mini sticks for the ledge and cut toothpicks for the back, but … Read More

Painting a Peacock

I loved this approach to painting a peacock as soon as I saw it at That Artist Woman’s blog. I think the sweetness comes from the fact that you can easily see the face and feathers. I tried finishing it off with a silver Sharpie marker for some added shine. Thanks for the inspiration Gail! MATERIALS • Watercolor paper • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint • Silver Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS PREP: If you have a wide … Read More

Green Monsters

When you inspire young artists with the classic “Where the Wild Things Are” book, you get some really fun and childlike paintings. MATERIALS • Drawing or multi-media paper, 9″ x 12″ or larger • Black Sharpie marker, black chisel tip • Tempera paint, yellow and blue • Paper plates DIRECTIONS 1. Read “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. 2. Direct students in simple monster drawing with large head, jellybean body, and arms … Read More

Sharpie Scribble LOVE

How about making it “Opposite Day” in art class, one where scribbling is not only allowed, but encouraged? This lesson could tie in Jasper Johns for his textured letter paintings, or Robert Indiana for his LOVE art, and of course, a review of warm and cool colors. Would also look pretty great on a coffee cup, if you ask me, for an art fundraiser. MATERIALS • Chip board • Die cutter or good old … Read More

Sonia Delaunay Circles

You can share Sonia Delaunay for kids with my concentric circles project. Try limiting students to six or so marker colors so that they are forced to repeat them fairly often. Sonia Delaunay was a ground-breaking female artist from the early 1900s who made some wonderful abstract paintings known for their rhythm and color. MATERIALS • Transparent circle stencils, Laurie Speltz, The Creative Coach, who offers a teacher discount • Finger Paint paper, recommended for … Read More

Top 6 Sharpie Marker Art Projects

Today’s kids are fortunate to have SO many choices when it comes to art supplies. One that I would not do without are Sharpie markers, because they make such vivid colors on so many different things, like paper, canvas, magazines, etc. Here are a collection of six of my favorites, and a good reason to look for sales and coupons to help stock up for the fall.   CDs and Markers   Kinder Art … Read More

Foil and Sharpie Suns

 Drawing a circle within a round shape is so much easier than on a square or rectangle. Start with foil and a paper plate and you’re good to go. MATERIALS • Paper plates • Aluminum foil, thinner type is best • Glue stick • Sharpie Markers, brush type work great   DIRECTIONS Rub front of plate generously with a glue stick. Tear a sheet of foil slightly larger than the plate. Apply dull side … Read More

Sharpie Marker Alphabet

Here’s my 2nd grader’s group project for our school’s silent auction. Each student was assigned a letter and made it as fancy and colorful as could be. I decoupaged it to a canvas board, and later outlined the letters with a metallic marker. MATERIALS Canvas board Dry wax paper White glue Sharpie markers, brush type recommended DIRECTIONS PREP: Divide your final board into a grid of 5 rows by 5 columns. Draw the grid … Read More

Sharpies and Fabric

Here’s a really cool looking project that takes just a few ordinary supplies. It’s a lot of fun to make quick tie-dye looking tee shirt. MATERIALS • White cotton tee shirt • Old bowl or container • Soft paint brush • Rubber bands • Rubbing alcohol • Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. Place a bowl or container under the fabric and wrap the edge with a rubber band. Adjust the fabric so that it is … Read More

Tape and Sharpie Skyline

Black masking tape is used to first create super straight sides to city buildings. The fronts and windows are drawn in afterwards. MATERIALS • Finger paint paper • Black art tape, 3/4″ • Scissors • Sharpie markers, brush type recommended DIRECTIONS 1. Cut diagonal angle on one end of black art tape and apply to the center of a sheet of fingerpaint paper. Repeat with two other strips at varying heights. Cut the bottom … Read More

Sharpie Portraits on Canvas

This is my go-to art fundraiser idea. I’ve used it for years and often shared finished canvases, but never a full tutorial, so enjoy! • View and download Portraits on Canvas PDF Tutorial MATERIALS Stretched canvas Dry wax paper (found at restaurant supply stores, and no, it’s not the same as wax paper) Copy paper Sharpie markers Tape Copic markers (for skin colors) Scissors White glue DIRECTIONS PREP: Determine the size of the portrait … Read More

Sharpie on Acetate Pattern Leaf

Coloring with Brush Sharpie Markers on acetate is pure pleasure, the color just glides on. The only catch is that colors can smudge when they touch, especially with black. My solution is to draw with black on one side and then color on the other so the two never actually touch each other. MATERIALS View and download Acetate Maple Leaf Photo Acetate Acetate Maple printout, see below Fine tip Sharpie Markers Brush Sharpie Markers … Read More

Mini Canvas Leaf Art

You just can’t beat the color and precision you get when you make a small canvas art with a brush Sharpie marker. They actually work a lot like paint, in that they do mix when you overlap them, and the fine tips allow a continual flow of color. MATERIALS • Mini canvases • Sharpie Brush Markers • Mod Podge or clear sealer DIRECTIONS 1. Follow my “How to Draw a Maple Leaf” tutorial to … Read More

Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

These are cut out tissue paper leaves outlined with a gold marker, and enhanced with just a bit of watercolor paint. MATERIALS Madras tissue paper Poster board or chip board for templates Scissors White card stock paper Glue stick, purple type may be most helpful Gold Sharpie marker, fine tip Crayola’s Watercolor Mixing Set   DIRECTIONS PREP: I used my “How to Draw a Maple Leaf” post to create a paper template for students. … Read More

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