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What to Make for Father’s Day

Still not sure what to make for Father’s Day? For an artsy, colorful solution, bring out the markers and oil pastels. Messy, but beautiful.

what to make for Father's Day

One of my readers, Laura T., shared her 2nd grader’s art with me. I love how colorful they look all side by side, they are so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing them with me Laura!

This project is really making a giant sheet of scratch art paper, with the D-A-D letters underneath staying intact because they are drawn with a permanent marker. It’s a great way to use up lots of odds and ends of oil pastels as some fun color combinations came out of just using what was left, and not thinking too much about what the perfect color combination would be.

Note: If you do use the Portfolio brand of pastels, with the permanent black marker, I recommend that you take a photo of the art after it is finished. In time the oil will make the black marker bleed, and the crisp letters will get a little fuzzy.


• Heavy drawing paper or card stock paper
• Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip
• Wood stylus or skewer
Oil Pastels, I love the Portfolio brand


Time needed: 1 hour.

Make a Scratch Art DAD card

  1. Draw large DAD letters on your paper.

  2. Trace them several times with a permanent black marker. They need to be bold.

  3. Color around the letters with oil pastels. Press hard so no white shows.

  4. Color over the ENTIRE drawing with a dark oil pastel. The thicker the better.

  5. Scratch away the pastel with a stick to reveal the letters.

    Note: It gets messy! Cover your tables or work outside if possible.

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