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Draw a Peacock

Learn how to draw a peacock by turning many of this bird’s amazing details into a few simple and easy shapes to draw. Then have fun coloring away!

How to draw a peacock

How to draw a peacock

Round out the feathers to look more like petals, and keep the head sleek with a few sprigs on his crown. You’ll be left with some very fun shapes to color.

Another option is to use metallic markers to highlight some details when you are done. They really have the same kind of sheen that real peacock feathers have.



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  1. Lightly draw guide lines down the center of the paper with a pencil. Another option is to fold the paper to get the center guides.
  2. Draw the peacock as shown in the tutorial.
  3. Trace the peacock with a marker.
  4. Color the peacock with crayons.
  5. Add a background.


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