Sharpie Art Light Switch

Use a light switch cover for your next Sharpie art project, and you’ll have a fun addition to any room that features your own custom art. All kinds of Sharpies will work on these covers, but to get some nice thick links and solid coloring, try the Sharpie Brush Markers. They really are like the perfect blend of a marker … Read More

Easy Father’s Day Craft

You can make an easy Father’s Day craft AND practice make all kinds of triangles at the same time. If you can treat yourself to the Sharpie Brush markers shown, give them a try. They truly are one of the best “painting” experiences you can have. The markers just glide on, never drip (or course) and leave some of the … Read More

Pizza! Pizza! Easy Felt Food Craft for Kids

Learn how to make a pizza with this easy felt food crafts for kids project. The best part? The ingredients cling together without the use of any messy glue. To make this project special, find a way to keep the pizzas in a box. Ask for a donation from a local pizza shop, or search online at Amazon. There are … Read More

How to Make a Round Braid

If friendship bracelets are frustrating, try learning how to make a round braid. After set up, there’s just one repeating step, but you still get a complex looking braid. MATERIALS • Yarn • Chipboard, or clean food box • Scissors • Circle template, approx. 3.5″ wide   DIRECTIONS 1. Trace any cup to make a circle about 3.5″ wide. A … Read More

Mosaic Art with Beans

Mosaic art for kids can happen with simple beans, thanks to all the varieties available. The earliest examples of mosaics have been found at a temple in Mesopotamia, which means this is one of the oldest art forms around. SUPPLIES • Cardboard, 2″ x 2″ or similar rectangle • Dried beans, four or five different types • Craft glue • … Read More

A Simple Weaving for Kids

I saw this simple weaving for Kids project on Pinterest (thank you to Artrageous Afternoon!) and loved it immediately. It’s a great way to make a little weaving project have more life than just sitting on a shelf or wall somewhere. MATERIALS Corrugated cardboard Hole punch, heavy duty Old paper cutter, recommended Yarn Beads   DIRECTIONS Cut chipboard to 2.5″ … Read More

Pipe Cleaner Tarantula

  I’ve tried a lot of pipe cleaner animal ideas, and this Tarantula is my favorite in both looks and ease to make. It’s also makes a pretty cool decoration for this time of year. MATERIALS Aluminum can tabs Pipe cleaners, black and brown Scissors   DIRECTIONS PREP: Cut pipe cleaners into 4″ lengths. Students start with one black and … Read More

Cinco de Mayo Craft

Cinco de Mayo, celebrated on May 5th, is widely accepted as a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage. Decorating food containers to look like sugar skulls is a fun and easy Cinco de Mayo craft for students of all ages. This is just one of the featured projects in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book, now available at Amazon … Read More

Mini Clothespin Craft Cars

This mini clothespin craft project makes little cars with wheels that really spin, even if they are a bit wobbly. The best part is that you don’t need any glue to put them together. MATERIALS Mini clothespins Wooden buttons Toothpicks Utility scissors DIRECTIONS Stick one toothpick into a button. It should fit firmly (try other little mini dowels if not). For the … Read More

Clothespin Craft Peacock

My clothespin crafts for kids after school class got to dig into my feather stash to make peacocks. Googly eyes and string finished off the look. I have this insane collection of fancy feathers from a tutu-making mom who retired. I’ve been holding out on using them from just any old project, and I’m glad I did. MATERIALS Clothespins, wooden … Read More

Christmas Tree Door Wreath Idea

The last holiday project I’d like to share is my friend Regina’s amazing Christmas Tree Wreath that I spied as I was finishing my family visit in Tennessee. Regina is the owner of Whitney Hill Estates, and the host of my art retreat every summer. She just has more artsy skills in her fingertips than anyone I know. She briefly … Read More

Papel Picado Holiday Card

  Try using colorful Post-its for this papel picado project. The squares come in very festive colors and can be found at your local office supply store. Papel picado is a Mexican folk art craft. It is the art of cutting paper into beautiful and elaborate designs for holidays and celebrations. What I liked about making this picado card with Post-its … Read More

Recycled Craft with CDs Wreath

I’ve been scouring for recycled craft with CDs ideas, due to a stash that just keeps growing. Glueing yarn to make an ornament or wreath is one way to go. MATERIALS • Old CDs • Bernat Blanket Yarn • Scissors • Craft glue in a cup • Craft glue in a bottle • Popsicle stick for spreading glue • Pom … Read More

Birch Tree Paintings on Canvas

  It’s easy to make birch tree paintings on canvas … if you use markers instead. Add a mini homemade craft stick easel and you have a special holiday gift. I recommend this project for those as young as 2nd grade, but probably not any lower. It is rather easy to have the markers smear while you color, and the … Read More

Folded Air Dry Clay Owl

  I’ve tried more air dry clay projects than I can even remember, and this owl that has definitely had the best rate of success with all age students. No tiny parts that can fall off, and the folding ends up making it even stronger. Add a hole or a hook on back for an easy display. MATERIALS Air dry … Read More

Pipe Cleaner People

I spent a bit of time trying to find a way to make a fun pipe cleaner craft, something that I knew young students could do without a lot of frustration. My conclusion? Smaller is better, and simple little body shapes made with two pipe cleaners (one for the basic body and one for wrapping) were easy to repeat and … Read More

Recycled Pencil Star

This easy Christmas craft comes about from seeing too many half-used pencils in my room. I have boxes of them that are a bit too awkward to hold, but seem too long to throw away. I first tried gluing them together to make a star on their own, but found they need a stable base. Craft sticks work perfectly and … Read More

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