Gingerbread Cookies on Baking Sheet Trays

Here’s another look at Model Magic project from last year, Gingerbread boys and girls, displayed on their own baking sheet trays. I’ve found that if you want to give your Model Magic creations a bit of a longer life, spray them with a clear gloss when finished. It does make the color last longer, not forever, but at least a few weeks or so. I always tell my parents that if they really love … Read More

Make Olaf the Snowman

It doesn’t take a genius to see how easily Olaf the Snowman could be made out of Model Magic. Add some googly eyes, twigs, beans and bam, he’s done! I’ve been creating Model Magic with students for years now, and it’s ease of use never ceases to amaze me. The biggest tip I can give to newcomers, is to try to make things that can go inside a plastic cup or food container so … Read More

Under the Sea Creatures

I had my Model Magic students try working in a diorama-like setting today and apply fish and more to a wall of blue. When the clamshell was closed, they really did resemble little fish tanks! MATERIALS Model Magic; red, yellow, blue, white and black Souffle cups with lids for storage Clamshell containers DIRECTIONS PREP: I have about 45 students in this after school class every week. I once had trouble keeping the prepped supplies … Read More

Model Magic Snail Video

I’m happy to share my very first “How To” video, which is one of my favorite Model Magic projects for kinders. It tied in to their science studies last spring, showed them how to mix colors AND make snake shapes. Not bad for one project! MATERIALS Small ball of White Model Magic Small ball of and colored Model Magic Souffle cup (not shown) DIRECTIONS Students get equal amounts of white and colored Model Magic. … Read More

Model Magic Burger

Make a pretty realistic looking burger with all the ready made Model Magic colors that are currently available. Your super stacked burger with cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and whatever else you can think can go on the burger of your dreams. MATERIALS • Model Magic, assorted colors • Plastic cup with lid, 12 oz. DIRECTIONS 1. Form buns, hamburger, cheese, tomato, onion rings and lettuce from Model Magic. 2. Place on plastic lid and … Read More

Model Magic Snail

This Model Magic Snail was inspired by a cake decoration found over on Pinterest. I love the simple little creations found there, which are perfect for kids to imitate with Model Magic instead of fondant. Pinterest and cake decorating are my “go to” searches when I need to find something new. And with all my return students who are always looking to make something new, I am forever in need of new, good Model … Read More

Model Magic Dinosaur

This Model Magic dinosaur was made by a talented 2nd grader named Daniel T. I had to use a scissors to make all the little triangles on my sample, but Daniel had no trouble making all his spikes by hand. I love everything about it, including the colors, which come from the neon Model Magic pack. If you think this is bright, you should have seen the pink dinos that more than a few … Read More

Common Core Model Magic Snake

One of my favorite Common Core art projects uses Model Magic to create a colorful patterned snake. One is for the colors (black, yellow, black, red, or A, B, A, C) and one for the width (thin, wide, wide, or A, B, B). All together you have a pretty great mixture of art and math.   MATERIALS • Model Magic: Red, Yellow, Black • Plastic Soufflé cup and lid, 5.5 oz., for storage (optional) … Read More

Make a Penguin

If your students are studying penguins, consider adding this Model Magic project. There’s also now available a very creative penguin-themed art book to go with it, “Penguins Love Colors” by Sarah Aspinall. It’s cute and perfect for young students just learning to name and appreciate colors. MATERIALS • Model Magic: Black, White, Orange and Blue • Soup lid or other lid for base DIRECTIONS 1. Students roll the black Model Magic to form the … Read More

Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies

These Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies are so easy to make, thanks to the perfect gingerbread Model Magic color, also known as “Terra Cotta”. If you have cookie cutters to use, that would make things easy. But if not, forming your own head, arms and legs will make for a cookie with lots of personality. MATERIALS • Model Magic: Terra Cotta, White, Black • Corrugated cardboard, 4″ x 5″ • Aluminum foil, 5″ x 6″ … Read More

Cake Sculpture, Miniature Style

Here’s an easy way to make a very yummy looking cake sculpture, thanks to all the great food-looking colors that Model Magic comes in. Their natural set makes a perfect chocolate and caramel, and the white looks like whipped cream every time. Need one more reason? Math is involved when circles are cut into quarters. Fractions have never looked so good. MATERIALS • Model Magic, naturals • Model Magic, assorted colors • Manila folder, … Read More

Model Magic Worms

I’m going to try these little worms tomorrow in my last Model Magic class for the year. I have so many pre-K and kinders that I’m trying to keep the projects simple, without loosing out on the cute factor. Students will need to roll lots of balls, trying to make them consecutively smaller before attaching together. The antennae are made from craft wires. I found this idea under cake decorations on Pinterest, which is … Read More

Model Magic Very Berry Pies

My art room turned into a bakery this afternoon with these little Model Magic pies. MATERIALS • 8 oz. or so clear plastic cup • Scissors • Model Magic, assorted colors • Clear sealer DIRECTIONS 1. Students mixed even amounts of bisque and terra cotta colored Model Magic to make a nice golden colored crust. A round ball was shaped and then pressed on the table to make a flat circle about 4″ wide. … Read More

Big Head Model Magic People

Today’s Model Magic students made little people again, but this time with extra large heads. I’m loving how this material works like a charm for all grade levels, as I have Pre-K through 3rd in one class. The stand on the right shows the structure that helps these little figures stand nice and tall. MATERIALS • Model Magic, skin colors • Model Magic, various colors for face, hair, clothes • Doll clothes pins • … Read More

Miniature Cakes with Model Magic

So it turns out can make really cute miniature cakes with Model Magic because it comes in just the right cake and frosting colors. MATERIALS • Cardboard, 3″ cut round circles • Plastic cups, small, shot size for cake stand • 3″ plastic souffle cup from Smart & Final • Craft glue • Aluminum foil • Glue stick • Model Magic, assorted colors • Mod Podge Spray, recommended DIRECTIONS PREP: Glue 3″ cardboard circles … Read More

Snowman Snow Globe

Here’s a very kid-friendly way to make a snowman snow globe. All you need is a plastic cup with attached lid, and some Model Magic. MATERIALS • Model Magic, white • Model Magic, black, pink, green, orange • Plastic cup and lid, 12 oz. size • Twigs or small sticks DIRECTIONS 1. Make a “bed” of white Model Magic and press firmly to the inside of the lid. It will keep the snowman in … Read More

Model Magic Penguin

If your students are studying penguins, this Model Magic project is a perfect addition. And now there’s a very creative penguin-themed art book to go with it, “Penguins Love Colors” by Sarah Aspinall. It’s cute and perfect for young students learning to form shapes and name colors. • View and download Penguin PDF Diagram MATERIALS • Model Magic: Black, White, Orange and Blue • Soup lid or other lid for base DIRECTIONS 1. Students … Read More

Mini Fish Sculpture

Create a miniature art show with this Rainbow Fish sculpture. Students learn about forming and balancing shapes. MATERIALS Wood Craft Boards Mini Craft Dowels Punch Model Magic Sequins Craft glue Gloss spray (optional)   DIRECTIONS PREP: Punch a hole in a wood craft board and insert a mini dowel. Add a little craft glue to make a strong connection. Let dry. Students form a fish out of Model Magic. The fish is placed on … Read More

Snowman Matchbox

Here’s one of my recent favorites, a Snowman Matchbox project that I think I enjoyed watching as much as the students did making. I’m so happy I stumbled across this type of art over on Pinterest because it’s got so many possibilities. Meanwhile, here’s the basics of how I did this – with 32 kids no less, ranging from kinder to 5th grade. • View and download Matchbox Tutorial PDF template and directions MATERIALS … Read More

Model Magic Mask

This is simply some Model Magic applied to a white mask. If you take your time and add details on details, the look can be quite stunning. MATERIALS White Face Mask Model Magic, assorted colors Acrylic sealer spray, optional   DIRECTIONS Use Model Magic to cover the mask face with background colors. Add small details decorations with Model Magic. Add more details, such as the small dots on the larger dots. Spray with a … Read More

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