Model Magic Snail

This snail craft was inspired by a cake decoration found over on Pinterest. I love how simple it is to make something look real,  just maybe prettier colors. The simple little creations found in cake decorating sites are perfect for kids to imitate with Model Magic instead of fondant. Pinterest and cake decorating are my “go to” searches when I … Read More

Model Magic Rose

A third grader blew me away with her skill in making these Model Magic roses. I showed students how to simply make and wrap rose petals, but she ran with the idea and added colorful stamens and beautifully detailed leaves. Thank you Erin for inspiring all of us! MATERIALS • Model Magic, red • Model Magic, assorted colors • Wood … Read More

Homemade Snow Globe

Make your own homemade snow globe with just a plastic cup and some Model Magic. Add a Santa hat for some extra holiday fun. I saved this homemade snow globe project to introduce kinders to Model Magic for years and loved it. The cups kept their snowman creations safe and air tight so they stayed nice a fresh for quite … Read More

Cake Sculpture, Miniature Style

3D art projects for kids are easy, if you start with Crayola’s Model Magic. They make natural colors that look just like chocolate and caramel. You can even use math for this project when circles are cut into quarters. Fractions have never looked so yummy. MATERIALS • Model Magic, naturals • Model Magic, assorted colors • Manila folder, or similar … Read More

Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies

Here’s another look at Model Magic project from last year, Gingerbread boys and girls, displayed on their own baking sheet trays. I’ve found that if you want to give your Model Magic creations a bit of a longer life, spray them with a clear gloss when finished. It does make the color last longer, not forever, but at least a … Read More

Under the Sea Creatures

  Model Magic students made an ocean habitat diorama by attaching little fish to a wall of blue. When the clamshell was closed, they really did resemble little fish tanks! MATERIALS Model Magic; red, yellow, blue, white and black Souffle cups with lids for storage Clamshell containers DIRECTIONS PREP: I have about 45 students in this after school class every … Read More

Model Magic Snail Video

I’m happy to share my very first “How To” video, which is one of my favorite Model Magic projects for kinders. It tied in to their science studies last spring, showed them how to mix colors AND make snake shapes. Not bad for one project! MATERIALS Small ball of White Model Magic Small ball of and colored Model Magic Souffle … Read More

Model Magic Burger

Make a pretty realistic looking burger with all the ready made Model Magic colors that are currently available. Your super stacked burger with cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and whatever else you can think can go on the burger of your dreams. MATERIALS • Model Magic, assorted colors • Plastic cup with lid, 12 oz. DIRECTIONS 1. Form buns, hamburger, cheese, … Read More

Common Core Model Magic Snake

One of my favorite Common Core art projects uses Model Magic to create a colorful patterned snake. One is for the colors (black, yellow, black, red, or A, B, A, C) and one for the width (thin, wide, wide, or A, B, B). All together you have a pretty great mixture of art and math. MATERIALS • Model Magic: Red, … Read More

Make a Penguin

Students can easily make their own penguin art project, thanks to Model Magic. There’s also now available a very creative penguin-themed art book to go with it, “Penguins Love Colors” by Sarah Aspinall. It’s cute and perfect for young students just learning to name and appreciate colors. • View and download Penguin PDF Diagram MATERIALS • Model Magic: Black, White, … Read More

Model Magic Worms

I made these little worms with my last Model Magic class. I have so many pre-K and kinders that I’m trying to keep the projects simple, without loosing out on that cute factor. Students will need to roll lots of balls, trying to make them consecutively smaller before attaching together. The antennae are made from craft wires. I found this … Read More

Big Head Model Magic People

Today’s Model Magic students made little people, this time with extra large heads to help with extra big features. I’m loving how this material works like a charm for all grade levels, as I have Pre-K through 3rd in one class. The stand on the right shows the structure that helps these little figures stand nice and tall. MATERIALS • … Read More

Miniature Cakes with Model Magic

So it turns out can make really cute food sculptures for kids with Model Magic. It comes in just the right cake and frosting colors. MATERIALS • Cardboard, 3″ cut round circles • Plastic cups, small, shot size for cake stand • 3″ plastic souffle cup from Smart & Final • Craft glue • Aluminum foil • Glue stick • … Read More

Art Projects for Kids