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Model Magic Cupcakes

Once you start looking for Model Magic ideas, you’ll see why cupcakes were a topic I came back to again and again.

Save this one for Mother’s Day, or some other event that calls for a special project.

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To make your Model Magic stretch as far as possible, have students make hollow cupcakes.

This is done by forming a bowl for the cake part, and then another upside down bowl for the frosting. It’s also good practice for them if they go on to work with clay. Many ceramic projects begin with making a pinch pot in this same manner.

Note: Be prepared to give up a silicone cupcake liner for this project. I had hoped that the Model Magic could safely be removed at the end of class, but no such luck. The two were seriously stuck together. In the end, I decided it was worth it as the flexibility of the liner was needed as students worked. Any paper version would have lost its shape and torn from having things pressed inside.


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  1. Every student got a silicone cupcake holder, and filled it with a little bowl of Model Magic.
  2. Students chose from some very yummy looking Model Magic colors to make their cupcake tops using white or pink. They formed a bowl and placed it on the cupcake bottom.
  3. Extra colors were used to form decorations: red, yellow, blue, purple and more. To make green stems on the cherries, yellow and blue had to be mixed together. I think I have some future pastry chefs in my class.

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