Pre-K Auction Art

Yes, you can make some really amazing auction art from a room full of 5 year olds. Celebrate all their scribbly drawings by attaching them to a stretched canvas, and you have … Read More

PreK Painting, Little Birdies

Young painters, like preK and kinders, need to explore with paint, but I think they enjoy making recognizable shapes as well. These little birds are easy to draw, and have an added … Read More

Collaborative Hearts on Canvas

Looking for a collaborative project that creates a colorful, finished work of art? Try my favorite combo of Sharpies on dry wax paper, decoupaged to a stretched canvas and you are guaranteed … Read More

Abstract Grid Tree

The abstraction of this Circle Grid Tree is easy if you start with a printed guide. If anyone knows who first thought of this abstract pattern, I’d love to know. The simplicity … Read More

Oil Pastel Heart
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This oil pastel heart project actually did triple duty last year. It continued the student’s study of warm and cool colors, taught them about a Pop artist named Jim Dine, and provided … Read More

Cardinal Painting

This cardinal painting was a favorite with parents when it was used for a art fundraiser project this year. The red and blue colors just can’t help but make a pretty image. … Read More

Sharpie Marker Alphabet

Here’s my 2nd grader’s group project for our school’s silent auction. Each student was assigned a letter and made it as fancy and colorful as could be. I decoupaged it to a … Read More

Sharpie Portraits on Canvas

This is my go-to project for art fundraisers. I’ve shared finished canvases before, but never a full tutorial, so here you go! The process is pretty simple once you understand it, and … Read More

Silent Auction Canvas Art

If it’s April then my school’s silent auction can’t be far away. After years of trying different approaches, this art is what I will stay with next year. What’s new is finding … Read More

Art Projects for Kids