Mondrian Foil Art

Lots of aluminum foil art projects use yarn, but dried pasta leaves a much more distinct image. Use all those straight lines for an easy Mondrian project. MATERIALS Chip board, 8.55″ x 11″ or so Dried pasta, fettuccini Craft glue Glue stick Aluminum foil Sharpie markers, brush top recommended DIRECTIONS Students use craft glue to attach fettuccine pasta to heavy chip board. The goal is to make lots of large, medium and small rectangles. … Read More

Mini Mondrian Sharpie Painting

Piet Mondrian was a compulsive Dutch artist who could never bear to see anything disordered or untidy. It’s not difficult to see that in his artwork, which you can see HERE.  1. Use a pencil to lightly draw lines on the mini canvas in the style of any Mondrian painting. 2. Using Sharpie Brush Tip Markers, color in the rectangles with primary colors. 3. Trace all the art with a black marker. 4. Spray with a clear gloss to … Read More

Mondrian Watercolor Painting

Piet Mondrian became a master of geometric shapes in abstract art. There are many ways to imitate his style of painting, but I like this one best as the crayon naturally creates a wall between the watercolors. 1. With a ruler lightly draw about four parallel horizontal lines across a piece of watercolor paper. Draw about four vertical lines.2. Randomly erase about three or four “pieces” of the horizontal lines. 3. Add about five lines, … Read More

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