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Monarch Mural


Make your own large scale mural to celebrate the amazing Monarch Butterfly. This download includes:

  • 36 Page template (48″ x 60″ when complete)
  • Assembly Instructions, Coloring Guide and Coloring Page



monarch butterfly art project

Collaborative projects are a wonderful way for students to learn what they can do when they all work together. This template makes it easy for each student to color their own page, which gets taped or glued together for one large and beautiful classroom mural.

Now it’s easy to make your own large scale mural to celebrate the amazing Monarch butterfly.

Just print the pages, trim on the lines shown, and have your students color away. (Not to worry, a color guide is included.) You can either tape the pages together from behind, or glue them to a larger sheet of butcher paper.

These murals make for great collaborative classroom projects. It’s easy for each student to work on their own page, and quickly see how what can be produced when everyone works together.

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